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No Cash Investment Needed by Homebuyer!

Over 300,000 homebuyers nationwide have benefited from down payment assistance programs!

We'll give you 2% to 10% down payment on your home purchase, depending on your needs.

PIC is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping you become a homeowner. Our mission is to gift down payments to qualified buyers and help the community as a result.  PIC provides a down payment with no repayment and no second mortgage or lien of any type. It is a true gift to you!

Is The PIC Program For You?

Are you tired of paying your landlord every month so that he continues to build his assets and you have nothing to show for it other than a rent bill?
Do you want to have a safe environment for your children to grow up in?
Are you looking to become part of a community where you and your family can begin to build fond memories?
Did you think you’d have to wait until you saved enough money to buy a home?
Have you always wanted to own a home?
Are you looking to buy a bigger home?
Have you maintained decent credit especially with your mortgage or rent payments?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you probably have what it takes to own your own home. To get started follow the steps below and we’ll help you find the perfect fit with our preferred provider team.

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We're Helping You PIC Your Future!

Personal Loan online, good and bad credit OK.

PIC wants you to know that sellers' payments to PIC cannot be claimed as charitable deductions for federal tax purposes.

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